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The Role of Rubber Tracks in Increasing Equipment Performance

The Role of Rubber Tracks

Rubber tracks play a crucial role in modern tire technology for commercial vehicles. Manufacturers enhance tire lifespan through improved rubber and tread patterns. Smart technology, like RFID chips, monitors tire health effectively. Commercial trucks can now be converted to use rubber tracks for added performance. Here are some ways that rubber tracks increase performance. 


How Are Commercial Trucks Using Rubber Tracks? 

Rubber tracks are typically found on skid steers or excavators, but with more commercial vehicles needing to be on site, manufacturers have developed a conversion system to make the switch from conventional tires to rubber tracks and then back again when the truck is back on a normal surface. This gives a truck more capability and increased performance. 


Dealing with Rugged Terrain 

Rubber tracks play a vital role in enhancing the performance of excavators and skid steers on challenging terrains. With increased ground contact and a lower center of gravity, these tracks provide stability on slopes and gravel. They distribute weight effectively, allowing vehicles to navigate muddy or snowy terrain without sinking. It’s like operating a tank rather than a truck.


Handling Inclement Weather 

Rubber tracks play a significant role in handling difficult terrain and wet surfaces, enhancing the versatility of trucks. They enable contractors in northern communities to extend their working season, even during inclement weather conditions. 


Minimizing Ground Disturbance

Rubber tracks offer a smoother finish when working with dirt. The extra rubber distributes the weight over a broader area, which reduces the ground bearing pressure. The rubber tracks are less likely to damage grass or other delicate surfaces. Trucks have increased utilization and better performance in spaces where the commercial tires could leave ruts. 


Increasing Traction 

Rubber tracks play a vital role in improving traction and handling for trucks. Customizable tread patterns and added features like sipes enhance their performance on various terrains, ensuring better traction and handling capabilities. 


Are Tracks Right for Your Company Vehicles?

Rubber tracks have a significant role in off-road applications like oil, gas, and agriculture. Their usage has expanded to landscaping, preventing lawn damage. STTC offers solutions for tire-related issues, including rubber track conversions. If not cost-effective, we provide high-performance products to tackle various tire problems.


Rubber tracks can be a great investment for the right applications.  Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to discuss whether rubber tracks fit your fleet’s needs.   



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