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Roadside Assistance Costs Continue to Increase

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Roadside Assistance Costs Continue to Increase

Roadside Assistance Costs Continue to Increase

A mechanical failure during a shipment can incur a variety of unplanned costs. In severe cases, roadside mechanical assistance is needed, and assistance from trained and certified road service technicians is not inexpensive. Unfortunately, prices for commercial truck roadside assistance continue to rise on a yearly basis, and COVID has only added to the expense. In fact, studies show that the average cost rose 30% from 2019 to 2020. In the first quarter of 2020, the average cost of a repair was $491, as opposed to $378 in 2019. As you can see, the costs of roadside assistance continue to rise, discover the causes.

Because of increasingly complex equipment and the technical expertise required to service it, these rising costs are not likely to slow down. One benefit, however, is that the more reliable equipment should mean that drivers won’t need to reach out for assistance as often as they have in previous years.

Still, there’s no reason to spend more on roadside assistance overall, even if the repairs are more costly on an individual basis. There are ways to mitigate the effects of these rising costs for your fleet, and STTC can help.

Commercial Truck Tires

STTC stocks all of the top brands of commercial truck tires, and we are happy to provide you access to all the newest models and technologies. If you update your tires before it’s too late, you will have fewer problems to worry about on the road.

We have tires for nearly every type of vehicle, whether you specialize in over-the-road shipments or heavy hauls. Our skilled experts will help you choose the tire that will provide you with the most longevity and reliability for your specific application.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Maintaining consistent, proper air pressure is key to preventing tire problems while you are on the road. STTC offers purchase and installation of tire pressure monitoring systems and tire inflation systems, so that your drivers can stay on the road longer.

Ready Rack Mounted Tires

The Ready Rack system allows you to keep ready-to-go tires on hand, making emergency tire replacement cheaper and easier than calling for roadside assistance.

Preventative Tire Maintenance

Even if you have top-of-the-line tires, you need to inspect them regularly to ensure they are functioning to their full potential. At STTC, we offer a variety of preventative maintenance services for your tires. We’ll check for any damage to your tire or wear on your tread, make sure your tires are properly inflated, and tighten your wheel nuts to prevent torque.

Vehicle Maintenance

STTC doesn’t just service tires. We can provide preventative maintenance for your entire vehicle. We’ll align your truck, trailer, and bus to make sure that you get the maximum life out of your tires.

Remember, the best way to prevent the need for roadside repairs is to perform regular inspections and maintenance on your truck. We know that this isn’t always the convenient option, so we provide all the services you need to keep your fleet on the road rather than off to the side, waiting for assistance.

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