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24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, STTC's Road Assist™ program (1‑877‑748-2825) is guaranteed to get you up and running within two hours of your call—nationwide.


Need emergency road service? Call 1‑877‑748‑2825 and STTC's entire truck tire and mechanical service network is at your fingertips:
  • Nationwide solution for tire and mechanical emergency road services
  • Standardized invoicing direct from STTC
  • National Account pricing available nationwide
  • Single phone number to handle all emergency road service
  • Reporting capabilities with email notifications of each event
  • Electronic dispatch portal - coming soon
  • Full access to World Class Retreads and New Tires nationwide
  • Guaranteed to have you up and running within 2 hours of your call (Tires Only)
  • Over 50 STTC truck tire service locations within the Road Assist network
  • More than 250 quick-response STTC service vehicles
  • OSHA-certified tire technicians

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Easy Payment Options

STTC's national account billing service allows quick, easy payment terms. We also accept cash and most major credit cards.The following content digs deep into Commercial Truck Tires, but feel free to jump to any section that interests you:

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Frequently Asked Roadside Assistance Questions

Frequently Asked Roadside Assistance Questions

How quickly can you arrive at the scene?

One of the leading reasons so many companies are now turning to STTC’s roadside assistance program is that we can respond to fleet vehicles on short notice regardless of the location of the vehicle. We operate over 250 service vehicles across eight states in the Northeast of The United States, operating out of more than 50 STTC locations. And this means that drivers are never far away from an STTC expert. A roadside assistance team can be on location in as little as minutes. We’re always ready to respond to calls and to provide immediate guidance.

Does the driver know the status of the assistance team?

In responding to service calls the team will always notify the driver regarding the timing of their arrival. Fleet operators also will have access to an electronic portal to find out the latest details of their call. They will also receive push-button notifications via email to notify both the driver and the operator regarding the service call status. A full report is provided to ensure that all elements of the process and any roadside vehicle maintenance performed at the time are documented.

Simple and affordable billing

A leading challenge for growing fleets is managing the total cost of operation. Our team at STTC works to ensure that our roadside assistance program is one of the most affordable and reliable in the marketplace today.We can offer the ideal level of service for fleets of all styles and sizes. And our billing process is exceptionally simple. As a fleet operator, we can provide you with a direct invoice from STTC for the roadside assistance service. We also accept both cash and credit cards to help streamline the payment process.It’s the trusted roadside assistance program now offered by one of the leading teams in the industry. Our team at STTC is here to guide you in choosing your roadside assistance service and to answer each of your questions. To discover more about our roadside assistance program, call us today.

The Leading Reasons Why Trucks Break Down

leading reasons why trucks break downFleet operators spend millions of dollars each year on maintenance that could be avoided with proactive planning. It’s why the top operators across the country are constantly reviewing why their trucks break down and the steps they can take to mitigate these issues. To help in this process, our roadside assistance team explains the leading reasons why trucks break down, in our newest post.

Dead batteries

Dead batteries are perhaps the most common cause of semi truck break down, particularly within the colder parts of the country where the vehicle requires more power to heat up in winter. Truck batteries have a lifespan of 3-to-5 years and using batteries in extreme heat and cold can limit their lifespan considerably.

Tire underinflation

We know that tire underinflation is a common problem in fleets throughout the country. But the studies also show that underinflation can lead to break downs as it causes excessive heat buildup in the tire sidewall.

Brake problems

Brake problems are the cause behind 29% of semi truck accidents according to the latest data. A semi truck’s drum and disc brakes can wear down over time if they are not maintained, given the heat, pressure and friction they are continually exposed to. Brake problems that can cause a truck to break down are usually the result of air leaks or internal water contamination that allows air lines to freeze up in the winter months.

Not responding to electrical issues

Truck operators don’t always know how to respond to the sign of a problem within their electrical system. And not responding adeptly can lead to the system breaking down over time. Make sure that your drivers are trained to spot and respond to the signs of a malfunctioning system, which may include: corroded battery connections, dead batteries, flickering lights, and clicking sounds when starting the engine.

How to reduce roadside assistance costs

Reducing your fleet’s roadside assistance costs might involve any of the following measures:
  • Implementing a preventative maintenance program
Design a program that educates drivers on the signs of a potential break down in the near future and assures regular in-shop maintenance schedules.
  • Conduct pre-trip inspections
Train your drivers on pre-trip inspections that allow them to identify wear within the vehicle and ensure the problem is resolved before they go on the road.
  • Book a roadside assistance service
Sign your fleet up for roadside assistance service with a specialist, such as STTC, who can help companies reduce their fleet costs considerably. We offer a full range of programs for fleets of all sizes.Emergency Roadside assistance number