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Road Assist Launches After Hours Mechanical ERS

STTC is excited to announce that we have officially launched Road Assist After hours Mechanical Emergency Road Service at select Service Tech locations.  The added service further enhances STTC’s offerings to its customers driving more value to them and also creating a single supplier for tire and mechanical needs.

Road Assist Mechanical Emergency Road Service has the same foundation as our Commercial and Earthmover Tire Service – First In Service which has goals of being on-site in 2 hours or less, consistent pricing, quality parts, clear communication and service performed by certified technicians.  In addition, STTC is able to capture each event, the total down time, voice recordings, breakdown cities and breakdown types.  This reporting will be available directly for customers or through STTC.

Customers can call the Road Assist number (877.748.2825) press #2 for mechanical and the breakdown center will diagnose the mechanical issue, determine if it is something Service Tech can handle, contact our mechanic and dispatch.  If the scope of work is outside Service Tech’s capability, the breakdown center will utilize one of their vendors so it remains seamless to our customers.

The common mechanical services Service Tech will handle are (these are also the some of the Top 10 reasons for required service):

  • Vehicle jump starts
  • Lights not working
  • Out of fuel
  • Locked keys in truck
  • Brake air leaks, frozen brakes
  • 5th wheel release and landing gear

For more information, contact your local STTC branch or visit STTC.com.


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