BIB TREAD NEXT™ Software SystemUsing barcodes, your casings are tracked from their pickup to their return with STTC's BIB TREAD NEXT™ software system. Casing barcodes are continually scanned throughout the entire retread and repair process, which means that all casing information (retread specifications, etc.) is displayed at each step in the process. This comprehensive management allows STTC to ensure rigorous adherence to fleet-defined business rules, including specs according to manufacturer, size, and tread design.

Total Asset Accountability

During the retread and repair process, BIB TREAD NEXT not only provides information, it gathers it as well, producing detailed reports that provide you with total accountability of your assets:
  • Casings retreaded by tread design
  • Reject summaries
  • Repair summaries
  • Adjustment reports
  • Detailed casing inventory
The analysis of these reports can help you identify problems, build solutions, and, most importantly, validate those solutions. BIB TREAD NEXT also helps improve your inventory control by:
  • Letting you track the status of your casings while they’re at STTC
  • Providing timely information on what has been retreaded and what hasn’t
  • Letting you know exactly how many tires are in stock at any given time