Wheel reconditioning is a process that makes old wheels look brand-new and, in the process, removes signs of wear and tear like dirt and stains. But aside from giving old wheels a fresh look, STTC’s wheel reconditioning process can also help professionals find any cracks, rust, or distortion in your wheels.

When reconditioning wheels, an STTC professional starts by dipping your wheels in an iron phosphate solution, which removes any chemicals that may be on them, causing corrosion and other serious damage. From there, your wheels are sprayed with powder paint and cured in a gas oven. You can choose virtually any paint color for your wheels, from basic black, to fire engine red, to school bus yellow.

But the work isn’t done there—retread tires can give you the benefits of new tires without making your wallet feel the pain of new tires.

Retreads are old tires that have been recoated with new rubber and fresh tread. As long as this new rubber has been properly bonded on by a professional, you will not be able to tell retreads from brand-new tires. And, since retreads are considered “used tires,” they are much cheaper than new tires.

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