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Retread Tires vs. New Tires: Which Are Best for Your Fleet?

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One debate that never seems to get settled in the commercial trucking industry is whether to choose new tires or retread tires when it’s time for replacement. Both offer fleet managers their own set of benefits, and understanding the pros and cons of each will allow you to make a more informed decision when it comes to your repair and maintenance budget. We show you the benefits between retread tires vs new tires.

New Tire Benefits

When your commercial truck tires wear out, replacing them with brand-new tires can be very beneficial. The tires have never been used before and thus there aren’t any potential repairs or remaining potential quality issues from it’s first life. Many fleet managers claim that replacing worn-out tires with new ones is safer for their fleet, citing increased cushion and performance as some of the main benefits.

New tires may also get marginally better gas mileage than previously driven  tires due to the new casing and support layers. Tire inflation, tread depth, and fuel consumption go hand-in-hand. By using properly inflated tires fleet managers will save on their fuel spend.

While new tires offer many benefits, they also come with one major downfall. New tires tend to be more expensive than retreads, costing fleet managers more in their repair and maintenance budget. This extra money may not need to be spent since the right retread is a high quality option for tire replacement.

Retread Tire Benefits

Some fleet managers opt for retread tires when it’s time for replacement. Retread tires use the original casing with new tread rubber. Tire retreading is held to the same standard of quality as new tires in terms of tread-depth, safety, etc.; however, because they re-use the casing they are less expensive than new tires. Choosing retread tires for your fleet can save you a significant sum on tire spend, increasing your bottom line.

Because retread tires repurpose parts from your existing tires, they are more environmentally friendly than their newer counterparts. This allows fleet managers to do their part for the environment in an industry that’s increasingly scrutinized for contributing to our collective carbon footprint.

STTC Commercial Truck Tire Services

Luckily, STTC offers fleet managers a wide range of commercial truck tire services, including retread tires and preventative tire maintenance. Contact our team today to discuss your tire options and select the best new or retread tires for your fleet.

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