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Retread Tires: The Greenest Way to Stay on the Road

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Retread Tires: The Greenest Way to Stay on the Road

In recent years, more attention has been drawn to the impact the transportation industry has on the environment, causing fleet managers to rethink how they can do their part for the planet. While retread tires have historically received mixed feedback from commercial truckers and passenger vehicles alike, advancements in retreading practices have paved the way for a renewed positive outlook on retread tire safety and eco-friendliness.

Why Retread Tires are Environmentally Friendly

Retread tires are created using original casings from tires that have reached the end of their life cycle. When a tire’s tread wears down to unsafe levels, many fleets will simply toss the old tires into a landfill and purchase a new set. However, retreading makes it possible for that same tire to once again be placed on a truck for continued safe use.

Tires take up a lot of space in many of the world’s landfills, contributing to toxic waste that penetrates and damages the earth’s soil. Retreading helps prevent old tire buildup in landfills, saving the earth from unnecessary toxins and waste.

In addition to preventing tires from piling up in landfills, retreading also helps save resources during the actual tire creation process. It takes an average of 22 gallons of oil to manufacture a single, brand-new truck tire.

In contrast, retread tires only require roughly seven gallons of oil to create. More than that, even the old, unsafe tire treads that are removed can be repurposed for things like playground padding or creating other rubberized products and materials for consumers.

Saving Money & The Environment with Retread Tires

Not only are retread tires safer for the environment, but fleet managers can save on their tire expenses by making the switch to retreads. According to experts, fleet managers spend between 30% and 40% less on tires when they choose retreads for their commercial trucks.

While reduced tire expenses are certainly desirable, fleet managers should take care to choose a retread service provider that has a proven track record for producing safe, reliable retread tires. One of the best ways for fleets to save money, do their part for the environment, and stay safely on the road is by partnering with STTC.

STTC Retread Tire Services & Products

STTC has proudly served the commercial trucking industry with unparalleled retread tire products and services since 1955. What began as a small, 3,000-square-foot retread shop has quickly become a powerful operation, touting more than 3.5 million retreads produced in 49 locations across eight states.

Our team has worked hard with world class technology from companies such as Michelin and Oliver to perfect our retreading practices, creating safe, reliable products designed to withstand the specific challenges faced by commercial fleets. Discover what STTC’s retread tires can do for your fleet by contacting us today!

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