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Why Your Fleet Needs a Reliable Semi Truck Road Service Provider

Reliable Semi Truck Road Service Provider

Having a reliable semi truck road service provider is essential for commercial trucking companies. Delays from breakdowns or tire blowouts can be costly and damage your reputation for on-time deliveries. Unexpected breakdowns can occur even with well-maintained trucks. Having a trusted semi truck road service provider on speed dial ensures quick resolution and gets your drivers back on track efficiently. 

Benefits of a Semi Truck Road Service 


  1. Reduces downtime – A mobile truck service comes to your truck. Your driver or fleet manager won’t have to waste time finding the closest service shop and getting a tow truck to your location. STTC’s Road Assist app uses GPS location to select the nearest service to come to you and to track and update the driver and fleet manager about the expected wait time. 


  1. Driver safety – Changing a tire on the side of a highway is hazardous, especially given the weight of a commercial tire. A reliable semi truck road service protects drivers from having to DIY repairs or drive with a tire blowout to get somewhere safer to change the tire. 


  1. Peace of mind – You know that the company fixing your trucks is reliable because you’ve already checked them out. Drivers won’t have to worry about being overcharged or using an amateur mechanic from a shop that they don’t know. 


  1. No scheduling appointments – Waiting in line for repairs when the driver needs to keep up with a schedule is frustrating. A semi truck road service comes to the truck, makes repairs, and gets the truck back into service quickly.  


Key factors to consider when searching for a reliable semi truck road service provider 

When choosing a reliable semi truck road service provider, it’s crucial to consider these factors for your business’s specific needs:

  • Availability – Your service provider needs to be available 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays. 
  • Service area – What is the service network of the provider? Do you have trucks that drive across the country or only locally—you will need support accordingly. 
  • Quick response times – Minimize downtime on the road by selecting a semi truck road service that is known for a quick response. STTC service providers do their best to get trucks back on the road within 2 hours of a call for help. 
  • Services – Make sure the provider offers a wide range of services, including tire changes, towing and some mechanical repairs on site. 
  • Reviews and references – Check your provider’s reviews online and with the BBB. Ask for customer references to get a full and true picture of how the provider deals with customers.   
  • Easy billing or invoicing – Transparent and up-front pricing gives you the ability to easily track service repair costs and pay any outstanding bills. 

STTC Road Assist Gets Your Truck Back on the Road Quickly 

With a reliable semi truck road service provider like STTC, your roadside emergency is handled promptly, ensuring your repair needs are prioritized. Count on us 24/7, regardless of weather conditions or holidays.


Learn more about our mobile tire service and semi truck road service.  Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online


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