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Reducing Costs for Commercial Truck Tires: Guide to Commercial Budgeting in 2019 for Fleet Operators

Reducing commercial truck tire costs for 2019
Guide to Commercial Budgeting in 2019 for Fleet Operators

Whether you have five vehicles in your fleet or 100, following effective business practices is essential to long-term success of your fleet operations. Our team at STTC has many years of experience in guiding clients on their need for commercial truck tires and maintenance and we assist fleets in planning for the long-term. In this new post, we’re presenting our guide to commercial budgeting for 2019 for fleet operators.

Set clear maintenance guidelines

One of the most common mistakes company leaders make in managing their fleets is not setting clear maintenance guidelines for their staff. This can often mean your staff doesn’t follow standard industry maintenance rules, causing vehicles to be maintained less often as a result. By setting clear maintenance guidelines and ensuring that your team follows these guidelines to the letter, you can help to minimize repair and maintenance costs now and over the years ahead.

Use maintenance logs

As a means of tracking your team’s commitment to vehicle maintenance, you can use maintenance logs. The logs will point out the type of work that has been completed on the vehicle, who completed the work, and any additional notes regarding the vehicle’s performance. As part of the maintenance logs, drivers should be asked to point out any potential maintenance requirement they believe needs more attention on that vehicle, giving your repair team an area to focus on for their work.

Hone relationships with suppliers

Outside of the fleet, business owners should be honing their relationships with suppliers of commercial truck tires to ensure they can obtain the best value tires within their operational requirements. By reaching out regularly to tire suppliers, you can learn more about the marketplace and any changes being made within the industry. The supplier is then more likely to present you with special offers to help your fleet with its budgeting in 2019 and beyond.  

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Consider your retread options

Many fleet operators are now examining their budgets for 2019 and turning to tire retreads as an option for the long-term. Retread tires are more cost-effective than new tires and can often perform as effectively in a range of driving conditions. Working with a trusted retread supplier can also help to optimize the cost-per-mile for your fleet. Our team at STTC is now working with fleets across the region to help companies reduce costs and focus on proactive planning. To learn more about our company, our services, and the commercial truck tires we offer, contact us today.


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