Navigating tire troubles always seems to strike at the most inconvenient moments. As a commercial fleet owner or manager, the last thing you can afford is a sluggish halt while waiting for a tow truck to rescue a vehicle and transport it to the repair station. What’s the solution? Forge an alliance with a dynamic mobile tire service that caters to your schedule and adds a touch of flexibility to your fleet management.


Choosing the perfect company for the job might feel like finding a needle in a haystack, especially with the deluge of information flooding websites and social media platforms. To cut through the noise and unearth the gems in the tire service realm, here are some compelling questions that’ll guide you straight to the core of what truly matters when enlisting a mobile tire service. Elevate your fleet’s efficiency – ask the right questions and tread confidently on the path of seamless service.


#1 – Are your mechanics certified?

You want very qualified mechanics to work on your fleet’s trucks. Look for ASE-certified mechanics and TIA-certifications.  At STTC, we have highly experienced certified tire technicians and tire service specialists who have received additional training from industry groups. Many of our team members have been with us for years, so they have valuable experience along with their certifications. 


#2 – How much will it cost? 

Look for a mobile tire service with transparent pricing. You should ask about the total repair costs and get a written estimate before proceeding with repairs. In addition, you should inquire about the payment gateway. Will the company take credit cards, or does it require a different payment system? We always provide an estimate before repairs, and we send an immediate invoice when the repairs are complete. STTC offers an easy payment method through our Road Assist app. The driver can pay by credit card or cash. We also offer specialized pricing for national accounts. 


#3 – Can the mobile tire service handle a wide range of services? 

If you’re partnering with a mobile tire service, you want to make sure they can handle a wide range of problems. Our service technicians have access to a large selection of high-quality parts and accessories, including new and retread tires. They are also highly trained to handle many different repairs, on tractors and trailers, as well as tires. 


#4 – What is the response time? 

Commercial trucks can’t just be waiting on the side of the road, so you want a quick response time from your service provider. STTC attempts to get to every service call as quickly as possible. Our goal is to get your truck back on the road within 2 hours of a call. We have over 250 service vehicles spread across 50 service centers, so we can get to you fast. Your drivers and dispatchers can follow our progress through our app, which alleviates stress during breakdowns.  


Convenient Mobile Tire Service with STTC 

A mobile tire service offers flexibility, convenience and time saving for any fleet that has periodic breakdowns on the road. Instead of having your trucks towed to get service, service comes to you, reducing the service time significantly. Trust STTC with all your tire repairs to get back on the road quickly. 


Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online for more information about our mobile tire service. Our experienced technicians have efficient solutions for your tire problems. 


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