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Wheel Reconditioning Process

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The first step is to shot-blast each wheel to remove all dirt, grime, grease, and most importantly all of the old paint. With the wheel “cleaned” to bare metal, any defects or damage such as excessive rust damage, cracks, unusual bead seat wear, and bolt hole distortion can be detected.
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Iron Phosphate Bath

Many states are now using “liquid calcium” as an anti-ice agent on the roadways. Unfortunately, calcium has a corrosive affect on metallic parts such as wheels. To minimize the damage to your wheels, STTC dips each wheel in an iron phosphate bath which helps to protect the wheel from this corrosive chemical.

Powder Paint Application

The powdered paint is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the grounded wheel. STTC’s automatic sprayers ensure that the correct amount of powder is applied to the entire surface of each wheel. You can choose the color that best enhances your fleet’s appearance.

Paint Curing

The electrostatically charged paint is now cured onto your wheel in our custom-built gas-fired oven for 30 minutes at 450°F. The automated monorail ensures that the paint is cured for the correct length of time.

Final Inspection

Each Wheel gets a final inspection and is labeled so you can be assured of the highest-quality powder coat in the commercial tire industry.