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Proactive Fleet Maintenance Tips for Reducing Emergencies

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Proactive Fleet Maintenance Tips for Reducing Emergencies

For fleet managers, few things are more important than saving on maintenance costs — especially as operations costs continue to increase. Finding a semi-truck tire repair center near you can be difficult in an emergency situation, so it’s important to follow these three tips for proactive fleet tire maintenance to conserve your budget and ensure safe travels.


Careful Tire Selection


Selecting the right tires for your fleet is incredibly important. This will help you develop a better tire program for your business as you can more easily build a semi-truck maintenance schedule to suit your specific needs. When choosing the right commercial tires for your fleet, consider the following:


  • Vehicle type
  • Gross axle weight ratings
  • Speed requirements
  • Service conditions
  • Tire specifications (size, load range, intended application, etc.)


Selecting the right tires for your fleet will ensure they are meeting performance expectations operating as efficiently as possible. Tire manufacturers suggest consulting with a dealer to help develop a custom tire program to avoid on-the-spot semi-truck tire repair in the future.


Perform Routine Inspections


Certain aspects of a fleet’s maintenance can go overlooked, and it’s important not to let essential repairs be neglected by a failure to routinely inspect for potential damage. Once tires have been properly selected, fleets should establish and monitor a target tire inflation pressure before, during, and after their travels. Doing so will ensure your tires are able to handle the load with which you’re traveling and that tires perform as expected.


Drivers should also visually inspect tires for abnormalities, like irregular wear and tear, punctures, bulges, tearing, stone drilling, inconsistent dual assembly, or problems with wheel parts. Tread depth should also be closely monitored so retreading and replacement schedules can be maintained at the appropriate intervals. A retreading program should be set up to maximize your budget and reduce the cost of tire maintenance and repairs overall.


Establish a Partnership with STTC


The best way to save money and ensure your preventive tire maintenance needs are met is to partner with a dealer. STTC offers fleet managers a comprehensive preventative tire maintenance plan and provides mobile tire repair services near you whenever you need them with our available Road Assist app. We even have an asset tracking system available so you can better manage your budget and more easily identify your maintenance needs.


When you partner with STTC, you’ll save on fleet expenses while ensuring your mobile tire repair needs are met when you need it most. Contact the team at STTC today to find out more about how a partnership with us can lower overall costs for your fleet.

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