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Preventing Tire Blowouts and Accidents

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Preventing Tire Blowouts and Accidents

Imagine a world where your commercial fleet runs seamlessly, excelling in preventing tire blowouts, thus eliminating the hassle of unexpected tire issues. Picture a scenario where, with effective strategies for preventing tire blowouts, downtime is minimized, accidents are prevented, and your drivers, fleet managers, dispatchers, and customers all enjoy a stress-free environment.

Good news! You can make this a reality. Most commercial tire blowouts are avoidable. Equip your drivers with the knowledge of why blowouts occur and empower them with a convenient mobile tire service right at their fingertips. Say goodbye to the headaches caused by faulty or damaged tires and say hello to a more efficient and reliable fleet. Invest in prevention, invest in uninterrupted operations.

Why Do Tire Blowouts Occur? Top 5 Reasons

Commercial truck tire blowouts rarely occur randomly. There are a few main causes:

  1. Improper inflation in preventing tire blowouts – Keep your fleet rolling smoothly! Whether it’s under-inflated or over-inflated, tires that aren’t at the right pressure can burst due to wear and tear, which is a key factor in preventing tire blowouts. When your tires aren’t properly inflated, they don’t grip the road as they should, causing them to wear out faster and leaving bits of tread scattered everywhere. To avoid breakdowns and maintenance issues, and play a crucial role in preventing tire blowouts, ensure your fleet stays on the road with the correct tire pressure!
  2. Overloading – Loads that exceed the recommended cargo weight put undue stress on commercial tires. Don’t strain your tires with excess weight.
  3. Neglected tire maintenance – Tires deteriorate over time, leading to blowouts. Keeping up with proper tire inflation, checking tire tread wear, and inspecting tires professionally can help to reduce tire problems on the road.
  4. Mechanical issues – Misaligned wheels, bent axles, and other engine problems can cause tires to wear prematurely, which leads to blowouts. Diagnose truck problems early to avoid major problems on the road.
  5. Road hazards in preventing tire blowouts – Potholes, debris, and high temperatures can be significant factors in causing tires to blowout at high speeds on the road, highlighting the importance of preventing tire blowouts. When these hazards are combined with improperly inflated tires or poor tire maintenance, road conditions may become the primary catalyst for a blowout. Vigilance against such road hazards is crucial in the proactive approach of preventing tire blowouts.

How to Avoid Commercial Tire Blowouts

Preventing blowouts on the road is about tire maintenance and inspection. We recommend:

  • Pre-trip inspections to check tire pressure and tread wear.
  • Avoid overloading the truck with too much cargo.
  • Drive carefully on the road and watch for hazards that could damage the tires.
  • Regular inspections by certified specialists to check axles, brakes, and tires.
  • A mobile tire service to take care of problems quickly on the road before tires blowout.

Use a commercial tire asset tracking program as a key strategy in preventing tire blowouts to manage your fleet’s tires effectively. Keep up with how your tires are performing and what your drivers can do to extend tire life, which is essential in preventing tire blowouts. Tires may be one of your biggest expenses, but by focusing on preventing tire blowouts and paying attention to tire services, you can maximize your investment and enhance fleet safety.

Why Choose STTC?

Experience smooth rides with minimal downtime. With decades of experience in commercial tires, STTC has a reliable service network with highly trained service personnel to take care of your tires. Our road assistance program applies to all types of commercial tires. We do our best to get your truck back on the road within two hours of your call, every day of the year, including holidays. Our mobile tire service is available 24 hours a day. With over 50 locations in the Northeast, we’re never far away from your truck.

Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to discuss how to maximize tire life and how to prevent tires from blowing out on the road.

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