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Preventative Maintenance to Improve Commercial Trucking Productivity

Preventative Maintenance to Improve Commercial Trucking Productivity

Implementing a preventative maintenance plan for commercial trucking fleets is a smart way for managers to save money and be proactive about their repair and maintenance needs. Keeping up with a preventative maintenance schedule will also improve your fleet’s productivity as breakdowns become more infrequent. Read on to learn more about how to implement a better strategy for your trucking fleet’s maintenance needs.

What Is a Preventative Maintenance Strategy?

There are two ways fleet managers can approach their maintenance and repair needs: They can be either proactive or reactive. Proactive strategies mean sticking to a schedule for routine maintenance, regardless of whether or not repair needs exist. Reactive maintenance happens when your truck breaks down or malfunctions, forcing you to take it in for unexpected repairs.

Reactive maintenance strategies are costly, saddling managers with unexpected repair expenses and resulting in lost productivity due to unnecessary breakdowns. With a preventative maintenance plan, fleet managers can catch signs of repair needs before they escalate, allowing them to plan better for future expenses and keep their trucks on the road for longer.

Implementing Preventative Maintenance for Your Fleet

Creating a maintenance plan for your fleet is easier than you might think. The key to a successful strategy is commitment — as long as you stick to the original schedule, you’ll reap all the benefits preventative maintenance can provide. Below are a few ways fleet managers can easily implement a preventative maintenance strategy for their commercial trucks:

  • Create a Schedule: Take your trucks to be seen by a professional mechanic for routine maintenance and commit to the schedule.
  • Educate Your Drivers: All drivers should visually inspect their vehicles prior to departing, during their drive at truck stops, and at their final destination to help identify repair needs before they escalate.


Scheduled Fleet Service : One of the best ways for fleet managers to be proactive about their maintenance needs is by partnering with a roadside assistance provider that offers fleet service. Fleet service can greatly diminish time spent off the road as you’ll receive proactive maintenance that focuses on tread depth & tire pressure.

Fleet managers should not only be strategic about their maintenance plans, but also about their provider partnerships. Luckily, commercial trucking fleets can get the support they need for roadside assistance, preventative maintenance, and asset tracking tools all from one provider — STTC.


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