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Preventative Maintenance for your Battery

Batteries contribute to the overall performance of a truck.  “According to the ATA, battery and alternator problems are the third highest operating expense after fuel and tires. They also account for 11.7% of problems on the road.” Knowing how long a battery life is, what the state of charge is and the health of the battery can help a vehicle’s productivity, safety and cost control. As more than just an engine starter, damage, premature depletion and improper (or no) preventative maintenance can lead to vehicle downtime, increased fleet expenses and driver dissatisfaction.

The battery supplies energy to the starter motor and the ignition system. However, it also supplies power to all the cab and bunk amenities that make a driver’s time on the road easier and more comfortable. Coupled with the new anti-idling restrictions and higher fuel prices, engines are being turned off more, causing further drain on the batteries.

There are several other factors that can lead to a shortened battery life, including:

  • Overcharging condition
  • Battery Corrosion
  • Worn drive belt
  • Temperature

Not only do the replacement costs of a poorly or inefficiently charged battery lead to expenses for the fleet, but it can also lead to additional emergency road service costs. Service Tech, a division of Service Tire Truck Centers, offers a range of preventative maintenance solutions for your fleet’s battery needs. Have your battery inspected before you have an issue. Our professionally trained technicians will inspect your electrical system and offer solutions to ensure your vehicle’s battery, and other systems are running at peak performance.


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