OTRtracker is STTC’s proprietary program for OTR fleet inspections and tire asset management. This tool was developed by STTC with our customer’s input to assist the needs of our OTR customers.   The OTRtracker allows them higher visibility of their assets, access to a history of fleet inspections, and provides a total cost of ownership.

Every time a fleet inspection is completed all of the pertinent data is entered and saved into OTRtracker. A report providing an overview of the activity and highlighting wheel positions with concerns is created and can be sent to any interested party.

The report also includes a suggested corrective action to properly rectify the issue.  Additionally, tread depths and hours of service are collected allowing fleet managers to understand their tire cost per hour or related metric. OTRtracker saves every fleet inspection thus allowing an interested party to examine past tire statuses.  This free of charge app is manufacturer independent meaning your fleet data is not public.

Another useful feature is the casing management search tool. Every tire’s brand and serial number is added to our database and our customers can search by those numbers to find where the tire is being operated. This feature allows our customers to have a better visibility on their assets and cost of operation. This app is web based and be accessed wherever there is an internet connection, with a PC, tablet, or smart phone.

Be sure to ask your STTC team how your business can benefit from this program.

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