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New Goodyear Tire Could be the Best Yet for OTR Fleets

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New Goodyear Tire Could be the Best Yet for OTR Fleets

New Goodyear Tire Could be the Best Yet for OTR Fleets

The market for earthmover tires has long been a competitive one, and new advances are bringing even more competition to the field. In November of 2020, the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company introduced the RH-4A+, a new tire designed specifically for haulage in hardrock applications. This could give the already massive company another leg up in the OTR truck tire market.


The RH-4A+ is the product of ingenious engineering that includes an extra deep E-4+ tread and a unique tread pattern. These features should help reduce the cost of hourly operation and equip every piece of equipment with a higher potential for productivity. Goodyear claims that these tires will even help heavy-haul fleets who drive through hard rock conditions.


Features and Benefits:


  • Increased hours before removal or replacement
  • High net-to-gross tread pattern
  • E-4+ tread depth – best in class
  • Centerline blading on tread makes for cooler operating temperatures
  • Durawall Technology from Goodyear provides impressive sidewall and lateral durability


For fleets that must drive through hard-rock conditions – especially those working in mine operations – these tires will be a major boon for productivity. They offer excellent traction in all working conditions. They are resistant to cuts and spalling from even the hardest rocks, making for increased hours to removal. In fact, field studies have shown improvements of 12% over similar products from competitors.




The RH-4A+ comes in several sizes, including 59/80R63, 46/90R57, and 27.00R49. This makes it the ideal tire for fleets with several different truck sizes and requirements. By going through Goodyear’s extensive global network of authorized dealers, carriers can procure their new tires easily. These dealers also offer customization for the tire casings, allowing different fleets to meet their hauling requirements.


EMTrack Software


The EMTrack performance tracking software is another benefit of the RH-4A+ tires. Fleet managers and drivers can track the tire’s performance throughout its entire life. By showing the tire properties as it is in action, managers can make real-time decisions to improve the overall life. They can use predictive maintenance to make plans for tire rotations, replacements, and repairs.


Bottom Line

The Goodyear RH-4A+ is an impressive offering from a company with a long track record of success. Managers for long and heavy-haul fleets can vastly improve tire efficiency, increase total road hours, and minimize the need for tire repairs in transit. These strong, durable tires have proven to out-perform the competition and might just be the best on the current market.


Tires such as these are a reason for optimism in the future, as it should push other commercial tire manufacturers to continue to improve their offerings. It will be interesting to see what Goodyear’s competitors come up with over the course of the next year.


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