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What You Need to Know to Maintain Your Commercial Truck Tires

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What You Need to Know to Maintain Your Commercial Truck Tires

Your commercial truck tires are critical to helping drivers maintain their safety on the road. And so it’s important that you know as much as possible about your commercial tires and their maintenance. Our team at STTC has extensive experience in this area of the marketplace, and within our latest post, we’re highlighting what you need to know about commercial truck tires.

Perform a pre-trip inspection for full road safety

One of the first items that new drivers in your fleet should learn is how to perform a pre-trip inspection. Drivers should know the optimal inflation level for the tire used on their truck. They should also know how to check for punctures within the tire and that the tire is safely placed on the vehicle for optimal performance on the road.

Wash the tires and the wheels regularly

A leading cause of dangerous driving conditions is dirt. Make sure that your fleet’s tires and wheels are protected by having them cleaned and reconditioned regularly. This can prevent the buildup of dirt, oil or grease that might enter into the wheel and cause significant component damage and erosion. Ensure that your drivers are trained to recognize the damage that dirt can cause in the vehicle’s wheels and tires.

Learn the signs of tire trouble

Commercial truck tires are designed for the highest levels of performance and long-term durability, but a tire puncture can occur at any point during a journey. And so it’s important that your drivers are trained to recognize the signs of under-inflation from a slow leak. One of the most common signs is the vehicle pulling in one direction while the driver has trouble steering correctly and premature tire wear. Training drivers to recognize this problem, as well as the other signs of an under-inflated tire can help enhance vehicle safety significantly.

Discuss the parts of the tire with drivers

Drivers should also be able to accurately communicate tire issues with maintenance teams to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete repair work on their tires. This means that each driver should know the various parts of the tire. They should be able to tell the difference between the sidewall and the inner liner, for example. Make sure that you educate your drivers regarding the different parts of the tire and how to determine which area of the tire is experiencing the maintenance issue.

Our trusted team at STTC has decades of experience providing high-quality commercial truck tires to fleet operators across the country. We have comprehensive options available within our service catalogue, and our experts are available around the clock to offer their guidance. To discover more about STTC and our work within the truck tire industry, call us today at 610-991-8641.

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