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Monaflex Repair Systems Provide Superior Vulcanized Repairs for Earthmover Tires

Here at STTC, we specialize in adopting the latest state-of-the-art tire repair systems. We can help keep your tires on the road for longer and at lower costs.

A perfect example of this is our Monaflex OTR Custom System, for vulcanization repairs of earthmover tires and similar large off-road vehicles.  With the Monaflex repair system, we have a solution for affecting repairs that also delivers superior results compared to other methods such as chemical repairs!

How Monaflex Helps Us Deliver Better Repairs To Earthmover Tires

What makes Monaflex so different that we had to adopt it as our main system for vulcanized repairs?  It has several benefits.

1. Airbags to maintain tire shape.

One of the big innovations in the Monaflex system is that it uses inflatable airbags on either side of the area being patched to ensure the tire maintains its proper shape throughout the vulcanization repair.  These airbags are flexible enough to conform to highly complicated tire topographies, which significantly increases the accuracy of the repair job.

2. Dual heat pads reduce repair time.

Monaflex doesn’t only work on one side of the tire at a time.  It works on both, with simultaneous heating elements.  Heat transmits much faster throughout the affected area, allowing for a more rapid curing process but without sacrificing quality.

3. Physical, not chemical repairs.

Thanks to this innovative system, the Monaflex can use cloth back patches, rather than chemical solutions.  These patches are cheaper than chemical alternatives, while also having superior adhesive properties.  A Monaflex-patch delivers 10 times the tensile strength as a chemical repair.

Turn to STTC For The Best Options In Tire Repair

From regular cars to the largest of earthmover tires, STTC are the specialists you can turn to for any tire repair need.  Contact your local STTC location to learn more about our tire repair services!


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