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Attention Small Commercial Fleets! Michelin’s Advantage Program is Here

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Attention Small Commercial Fleets! Michelin’s Advantage Program is Here

For fleets with fewer than 100 power units, or those with bus and RV tires, and others, Michelin’s Advantage program is getting an update. Michelin North America Inc. announced enhanced applicant and billing features for the Advantage program, and that could mean significant improvements. In addition to the availability of mobile tire service, here’s what else you need to know.


Key Updates for the Advantage Program

The Michelin Advantage Program provides qualified fleets with nationwide pricing on the company’s heavy-truck dual and X One wide-base single tires. This applies to:

  • Fleets with less than 100 power units
  • Fleets using bus and RV tires 
  • Car and light truck tires
  • Construction and TWEEL tires
  • Earthmover tires
  • Michelin Retread Technologies retreads
  • BFGoodrich heavy truck and light truck tires 

The Advantage Program enhancements provide a simpler application process that fleet owners can access on a mobile device or desktop computer. In addition to this, once applied for and approved, fleet managers can take advantage and use those programs the same day. The company has also taken steps to streamline its billing process. A component of this process is allowing dealers to have more control over the process. 

The company’s goal was to make the program more user-friendly. It stated that they have 20,000 organizations participating in the program. The update to the program helps to speed up how long members need to wait from entering the program until they can begin to take advantage of it. It also streamlines the overall way tires are purchased, reducing some of the hang-ups that have hampered customer use of the system previously. 

About the Advantage Program

The Advantage Program provides members with a network of over 5,000 authorized truck tire dealer locations called the Michelin Commercial Service Network. It also provides members access to Michelin ONCall 2.0, an emergency roadside service that does not charge a dispatch fee. 

Members can access the website to manage their account, upgrade their credit card on file, check current pricing, and pay invoices. There are also customer service professionals available to answer calls. With the update, members can now make program purchases the same day that they sign up for it. They can also use a debit card or most credit cards to do so. 

Other core benefits of the Advantage Program include consistent pricing across the country for all members, no matter where they are. For qualified small fleets and owner-operators, the program aims to help minimize downtime and provide access to upgraded services providing a way to better manage the costs of operation. That includes mobile tire service when it is needed. That is a part of the Advantage Care program as well.

STTC Can Help You With Your Tire Needs

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