STTC’s comprehensive preventative truck tire maintenance programs are designed to minimize downtime and keep vehicles running at peak performance.

Performed by certified STTC personnel, preventative maintenance is customized to meet your needs but typically includes:

  • Inflation and flat-tire checks using calibrated air gauges
  • Tread depth measurement
  • Inspection of tires for damage such as flat spots, cuts, abrasion, tread lifts, mismatched tires, unusual wear patterns, etc.
  • Truck Wheel inspection to detect misaligned valve stems, spun wheels, missing valve caps, damaged wheels, leaking oil seals, etc.
  • Tightening of wheel nuts to correct torque
  • Checks for other vehicle damage that could cause downtime

All STTC service vehicles are equipped with torque sticks, torque wrenches, calibrated air gauges, jack stands, wheel chocks, tire cages, and safety cones to ensure that all preventative maintenance work is done correctly and safely.

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