Truck alignment serviceTruck Alignment Service

Vehicle alignment is an essential maintenance step to ensure maximum tire mileage, reduce fuel consumption, and decrease driver fatigue. To guarantee consistently precise alignment, STTC relies on alignment equipment from Hunter Engineering, producer of today's most productive undercar service equipment. Some simple reasons to take advantage of STTC's heavy-duty vehicle alignment services:
  • 1/4" of toe misalignment:
    • Reduces fuel economy by 0.6%:
      • At 6.5 mpg and 100,000 miles/year = 92 additional gallons of fuel
      • At $3/gallon = $276 in fuel savings
  • 1/8" of toe misalignment:
    • 300 miles of scrub (equivalent to dragging tire sideways for 300 miles)
    • Reduces tread wear by 18%:
      • 100,000 annual miles driven
      • 120,000 removal miles x 18% = 21,600 lost miles
      • Costs one additional set of steering tires over 5 years or $800
  • Drive axles are at the top of the list in terms of being out of alignment, trailer axles are second, and steering axles are third:
    • 1/2" drive out of alignment = 0.8% reduction in mpg
    • The same truck would need an additional 123 gallons of fuel or $408