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What Michelin & GM’s Uptis Line Means for Tire Retreading

tire retreading

tire retreading


Tires and tire retreading continue to top the list of fleet managers’ greatest budgeting concerns. From unexpected blowouts to premature wear-and-tear, semi-truck tires are one of the costliest components for any commercial trucking fleet.


But Michelin and General Motors (GM) are changing the way tires may impact a fleet’s future budgets by introducing non-pneumatic alternatives with real staying power. The Uptis line is an airless tire that’s initially set for release on passenger vehicles in 2024, but the benefits it promises for the commercial trucking industry are foretold by the Tweel tire’s similar technology.


Features of the Uptis Airless Tire


In summer of 2019, Michelin and GM first announced their partnership to deliver the Uptis line by 2024. Uptis — which means “Unique Puncture-Proof Tire System” — provides unique advantages that can completely alter the way passenger vehicles travel on the road. Not much has been released about the technology behind Uptis, but Michelin and GM were eager to share the following key features:


  • Immunity to flats and blowouts
  • Reduced danger to passengers
  • Elimination of routine maintenance needs, like pressure checks and puncture inspections
  • Increased tire life span
  • Longer intervals between tire retreading service


With stronger tires at their side, passengers can also avoid contributing to the 200 million landfill tires that are prematurely scrapped each year due to excessive damage. Not only excellent for providing long-term savings on tire spend, the Uptis line presents a great first step in sustainable tire options.


Tire Retreading & Non-Pneumatic Tires


The Uptis tire line won’t be available until 2024; however, Michelin’s Tweel line provides many similar features for commercial vehicles. In fact, the Tweel non-pneumatic tire was the inspiration behind Uptis’ creation. Fleet managers — particularly those operating small, off-the-road vehicles, skid loaders or earthmovers — can take full advantage of this airless tire option to save money, time, and tire waste. If upgrading to the Tweel line is a bit far out of reach, fleets can still optimize their tire retreading strategy to achieve greater savings on tire spend and increase their tire life span.


By selecting a knowledgeable tire retreading service provider, fleet managers can ensure their tires are safer on the road for longer. Whether you’re using non-pneumatic tires for your commercial fleet or are using standard tire options, STTC offers the high-quality tire retreading services you need to keep your tires in service for longer. Contact our team to find out more about how our retreading services can help your fleet today!


STTC for Your Tire Retreading Needs


Since 1955, our team has delivered exceptional tire retreading services to fleets throughout the United States. Providing fleets with the top-rated tire products from the industry’s most beloved brands, there’s no better team for your semi-truck tire needs than STTC. Contact our team to find out more about our available tire products and tire retreading services!


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