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Kenworth T680 Next Gen Dazzles in 2021 Debut

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The Kenworth T680 Next Generation Dazzles in 2021 Debut

Kenworth is one of the most respected names in trucks, so it’s no surprise that media members were quick to accept invites to test drive its newest model. The Class 8 tractor, named the T680 Next Generation, is the newest in the T680 series, which first hit the market in 2012. It’s been a popular line for Kenworth since its inception, so expectations for the latest model were quite high throughout the industry.

At First Glance

This is without a doubt a very attractive truck. With soft curves providing an aerodynamic look and a classic but clean-looking grill, anybody who knows trucks would be excited just to see this behemoth. The perfect symmetry and well-thought-out angles give this a modern look but maintain the base aesthetic of a traditional big rig. Overall, this is a slick, beautiful truck that passes the eye test. But how does it perform?


Those who took the test drive had nothing but positive things to say about the T680 Next Gen. That aerodynamic profile that was previously mentioned wasn’t just for aesthetics – it is highly functional and helpful in improving fuel efficiency. In fact, the sleek design combined with the powerful Paccar EPA 2021 MX-13 engine could lead to 6% in fuel savings on a yearly basis. With the uncertain future of diesel prices, this alone could be enough to convince loyalists of other brands to jump ship.

The drive itself has been described as smooth, and the operation seamless. With driver-assistance systems that include features such as lane assist, collision mitigation, and self-diagnosis, drivers can safely navigate the road, whether taking this bad boy on an intra-city shipment or a cross-country trip.

The truck is responsive, but not overly so. Drivers appreciate the torque assisted steering as it helps reduce fatigue, but it isn’t so sensitive as to make for jerky turns or dangerous maneuvers. This makes for a smooth, comfortable ride.

The Interior

The T680 sleeper cab is a thing of beauty, and some might even say luxury. It boasts an ergonomic design to keep drivers comfortable for long trips and offers plenty of space for sleep. The interior trim and upholstery offer significant upgrades over the previous version, so this doesn’t only feel nice, but also looks good.

With a 15-inch dash display and easy-access controls, driving becomes even more of a pleasure. Drivers can easily see any truck diagnostics or mechanical service that need to be addressed, and don’t need to exert themselves too much to perform their job. It’s an attractive, modern cabin that makes driving more enjoyable.

The Verdict

The Kenworth T680 Next Generation was hyped up for a reason, and it certainly lived up to expectations. With state-of-the-art controls and aerodynamic design, this is a cab that will make for plenty of smooth, comfortable trips while providing significant fuel savings over the years. For the driver who likes to ride in style and safety, Kenworth puts forth an elite option that is sure to impress.

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