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How You Benefit from Fleet Tire Service

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Why spend any more money on your tires and related services than you have to?  When you partner with a service provider to provide fleet service, you can save a lot of money by reducing road calls, destroyed tires, and potentially damaged equipment. Further, a scheduled service contract means your maintenance will be standardized, predictable, and of the highest quality.

If you’re currently having your tire work done on an ad-hoc basis, there are plenty of reasons to think about moving onto a service contract.

4 Big Benefits from Partnering with A  Service Provider for Your Fleet Tire Service

1. Regular fleet-wide inspections

From your smallest vehicle to your largest piece of heavy equipment, a well-trained tire service center will be able to inspect it all.  You get regular comprehensive overviews of your fleet’s tire and wheel situation, including elements such as PSI, tread wear/depth, and tire mating across axles.

2. Preventative services

It is always going to be less expensive to take care of any maintenance issues before your vehicles hit the road.  Even a single breakdown in the field causes disruption to your operations, extra labour costs, the cost of a road call, and potential danger to your driver and other cars nearby.  Preventative fleet service significantly reduces tire-related road calls because your equipment is inspected and maintained before it goes out on the road.

3. Full asset tracking

For larger operations, just keeping track of what tires you have in stock and their current condition can be a major logistical feat.  Why add that to your list of responsibilities?  A modernized service provider has an asset tracking system and keeps it updated to ensure you know how many tires you have in stock and to account for all of your casings.

4. Bulk and long-term discounts

The larger your operation, the more money you can save by partnering with a major service provider that can offer you preferred rates.  You save on the work up-front, and you save by preventing unnecessary work later.

STTC Can Be Your Full-Service Tire Source

Since 1955, STTC has been providing the best in commercial and fleet-level tire services.  No matter the size of your operation, contact us to let us know how we can help choose the best for your fleet.


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