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How Weather and Road Conditions Impact Commercial Truck Tires

  • May 17, 2023
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Snow and ice significantly affect driving conditions, making the road more hazardous. Commercial trucks, due to their size, face increased risks when weather and road conditions deteriorate. Here are some weather-related factors that can influence the safety and performance of commercial vehicles.

How Weather and Road Conditions Impact Commercial Truck Tires

Weather and Road Conditions: The Impact of Summer Heat on Tires 

Summer heat might not seem too harsh, but it’s a major adversary for tires on the road. As temperatures rise, so does the air pressure within a tire. A tire that is properly inflated in the morning may become overinflated when temperatures exceed 100°F. Overinflated tires are prone to blowouts and accelerated wear. Tires can heat up rapidly due to both ambient and road temperatures.


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Dealing with Extreme Cold and Tires 

Just as the extreme heat impacts tire pressure, so do extremely cold temperatures. Tires have less air pressure in the cold, so the tire is flatter. Underinflated tires also wear out more quickly than properly inflated tires. While there may be some increased friction from underinflated tires, there is still a risk of blowouts and accidents. It’s important to watch tire inflation when the temperature is very high or low. 


Weather and Road Conditions: How High Winds Affect Commercial Trucks

Your commercial tires may not notice high winds, but your truck certainly will notice dangerous crosswinds. A high crosswind could cause the truck to go into another lane or off the road completely. If you’re swaying while you’re driving, it might be time to take a break where you can park until the wind calms down enough to get back safely on the road. 


Fog or Low Visibility Challenges

Many drivers are aware of the risks associated with precipitation and its impact on weather and road conditions, but it’s crucial not to overlook the dangers of foggy conditions. Fog forms when cool air interacts with warm air, often over water but also on land surfaces. This interaction results in fog developing near the ground, which eventually dissipates as the sun warms the air.

In terms of weather and road conditions, foggy situations can significantly reduce visibility, making driving hazardous. To enhance safety, always use low-beam headlights when faced with low-visibility conditions. If you find it difficult to see far enough ahead to brake safely, it’s essential to pull off to the side of the road to prevent accidents. Stay vigilant in foggy weather and prioritize safety when navigating these challenging road conditions.


Navigating Pavement Conditions 

Whether the weather impacts the road or not, the condition of the pavement greatly impacts how a commercial truck rides. Ice or wet roads create less traction and are the leading causes of hydroplaning. The less tread that your commercial tires have, the less friction you create, so the truck is more apt to slide around. But unpaved roads or roads with potholes can also lead to unsafe conditions. Making sure your commercial tires are in good condition helps drivers stay safer, even on damaged roads. 


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