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How to Save on Work Truck Fleet Maintenance

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How to Save on Work Truck Fleet Maintenance

The biggest challenge for fleet managers is finding ways to save money on truck fleet maintenance. Commercial trucks are at higher risk for needing maintenance and repairs simply because of how often they’re used, the amount of starting and stopping required and how far they travel. However, by following these three tips, fleets can reduce the cost of work truck fleet maintenance and improve their bottom line.

Saving with Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a great way to reduce the total costs associated with your trucking fleet. This means establishing a strict schedule for routine maintenance needs to better manage the overall health of your vehicles. By using preventative maintenance tactics, fleet managers can catch serious repair needs early to reduce lost time on the road and decrease the overall cost of repairs.

By sticking to your inspection and service schedules, you can also help prevent unnecessary breakdowns and reduce the likelihood of an accident happening. Additionally, preventative maintenance can improve the resale value of your vehicle since it will be in good working condition as a result of your care.

Maximizing Tire Use with Retread Tires

Another way to save on work truck fleet maintenance is by extending the life of your tires. Rather than spending excessive amounts of money on new tires, fleet managers can save up to 40% of their tire budget by choosing to retread their tires. Despite the perceived negative connotations associated with retread tires, modern retreading techniques have made them as safe and capable as new tires. Tire casings can even be retreaded more than once, earning you even more savings on tire replacement costs.

Reducing Fuel Consumption

This ties into establishing a preventative maintenance plan for your fleet. Vehicles that are well-maintained burn fuel more efficiently, allowing you to reduce your consumption levels. Fleet managers that stick to their maintenance schedules and keep their tires aligned are able to save significant sums of money on fuel costs for their work trucks.

While regular maintenance can help reduce fuel consumption, you may also want to consider negotiating new rates with suppliers. Choosing a bulk purchase order may also help reduce total costs for fuel.

STTC Preventative Work Truck Fleet Maintenance

The best way to save money on work truck fleet maintenance is by partnering with a provider like STTC. Our preventative maintenance program will monitor your overall vehicle health to prevent against costly repairs and unnecessary downtime for your fleet. We offer cost saving solutions for all maintenance aspects of your trucking oeprtion including tire retreading services, allowing you to extend the life of your tires and reduce your overall spend. Contact the team at STTC to find out how to set up your personalized preventative maintenance plan or have your tires retreaded today!

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