Keeping a truck running efficiently and safely is one of the most important things drivers and fleet owners conspire to do on a consistent basis. Maintaining the tread life of your tires requires a bit of effort – though it’s nothing that you can’t do on a routine basis to ensure safety. Here’s what to focus on when it comes to commercial tire repair.

Ensure Air Pressure Is Within Range

The air pressure within your tires is important to maintain. Always follow the recommendations set by the manufacturer. This is the simplest way to extend the lifespan of your tires and avoid frequent commercial tire repair expenses. If the tire pressure is too high or too low, problems can occur, including a blowout. Keep the following in mind:

  • Summer heat: Hot weather means the air pressure in your tires will likely rise. Check it often to ensure it’s maintaining the proper range. 
  • Cold weather: When temperatures dip, the tire pressure in your vehicle’s tires will also drop, requiring a more careful eye. 
  • Routine use: Tires can lose about a pound of PSI each month just with normal function. Again, routine measurement is the best way to ensure you’re not losing too much pressure.

Blowouts are a common cause of accidents on highways. In 2019, 612 motor vehicle traffic fatalities could be directly linked to tire performance and function, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

Tire Rotation to maintain Tread Life on Your Truck Tires

Keeping your tires functional isn’t just about air pressure. It is also important to rotate them on a routine basis if possible, with your specific tire. Tire rotation helps to ensure even wear, which minimizes the risk of one tire becoming particularly worn and at a higher risk of a blowout. Moving tires around properly to different axles or positions helps them wear more consistently and may extend the life of the tire much longer. Knowing which one to reposition where can be a little tricky based on how the tire is wearing in its current position and where to advantageously move it to extend it useful life, so you may want some help from a professional.

Timely Commercial Tire Repair Saves Money, and Lives! 

If you notice a problem with a tire, even if it seems insignificant, such as more tread running off in one area than another, it’s best to schedule a commercial tire repair or inspection as soon as possible. You don’t want to put it off, as that can create a higher risk for complications and failures. Early detection (because you’re doing an inspection on a regular basis) ensures repairs can be made early, often reducing the risk of accidents and extending the life of your existing tires.

Routine Care to maintain Tread Life

There are simple things you can do to improve the condition of your tires, including:

  • Wheel alignments: Ensure you get a wheel alignment routinely. Alignments help with improving the angles of the steer axle and can help with the tracking of all axles, including those on the trailer. 
  • Proper installation: If you are getting new tires, ensure they are mounted properly and installed as directed by the manufacturer. To know if a tire is properly mounted, make sure the distance between the rim flange and the tire’s aligning ring is the same all around the tire. 
  • Wheel balancing: Having your wheels balanced helps ensure that there is no single area that is likely to see more wear. Every tire and wheel has an area that is heavier than the other parts of the tire, even in brand new tires. It’s a very small difference, but the vibrations of the tire can create uneven wear. Balancing the wheels can improve this.

Set Up Routine Maintenance Today

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