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How Tires Impact the Performance of Commercial Trucks

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How Tires Impact the Performance of Commercial Trucks

The importance of maintaining properly inflated tires cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to the performance of commercial trucks. Properly inflated tires not only improve fuel efficiency, but they also ensure the safety of the driver and cargo. With the potential to carry up to 8,500 pounds or more, depending on the tire rating, commercial truck tires play a critical role in the overall performance of commercial trucks.

If you’re trying to lower your operating costs, assessing your tire management program can help you make good choices about tire maintenance. You’ll save money, keep your drivers safer, and increase driver comfort with good tire management. 


Tire Maintenance Impacts Fuel Efficiency 

Maintaining healthy tires is crucial for the performance of commercial trucks and your bottom line. Tires represent one of the biggest expenses for any fleet, and their maintenance directly impacts fuel economy. When a tire isn’t inflated properly, it won’t perform optimally, leading to decreased fuel efficiency and increased costs. In fact, underinflated tires can cost you approximately 1% in fuel efficiency for every 10% of reduced tire pressure. On the other hand, overinflated tires also result in poor performance, as they can cause the tread to wear out faster. Therefore, keeping an eye on appropriate tire pressure is one of the best ways to ensure the longest lifespan of your commercial tires, which ultimately enhances the overall performance of commercial trucks. We highly recommend checking tire pressure when the tires are cold to get the most accurate reading.


When checking tire pressure, it’s easy to examine tires for uneven wear, which is usually a sign of a problem. Performing tire maintenance before tires blow out will help reduce your fleet’s down time and increase the life of the tires. Tires that are ready to be replaced can be retreaded if the casing meets requirements. A blowout will damage the casing, losing that asset for your business. 


Tread Depth and Its Impact

The choice of tread pattern on commercial tires plays a critical role in the performance of commercial trucks. Tread patterns come in various forms, and deeper treads are not always the best option. Long haul truckers may require different types of tread patterns compared to city trucks, depending on the driving conditions. Selecting the appropriate pattern for the specific driving scenario can prevent irregular tread wear and ensure safety on the roads. Trucks that drive on slippery roads, such as ice or snow, demand deeper tread depths to provide adequate traction. Additionally, tread wear can significantly impact fuel efficiency. Shallow treads generally achieve better fuel efficiency as they create less resistance on the road. However, a tire with smoother treads also loses performance and safety over time. Therefore, it’s essential to strike a balance between tread depth and fuel efficiency to ensure the optimal performance of commercial trucks.


How Tire Pressure Impacts the Performance of Commercial Trucks

Underinflated tires are not only unsafe and can lead to blowouts, but they can make the steering handle less effectively and increase braking distance. Although you may get a smoother ride, you’ll lose fuel efficiency and wear the tires out faster. Overinflated tires cause less traction and uneven wear, which is also very unsafe. Overinflated tires impact the suspension, causing a bumpy ride. Regardless of the size of your tires, make sure your tires have the right air inflation for the best ride and most safety. 


Trust STTC to Ensure Optimal Commercial Truck Performance 

Tires impact your trucks in more ways than most people realize. Using quality tires that are well-maintained keeps your drivers safer and more comfortable. It also helps reduce your operating costs. When you’re looking for commercial truck tires, ask STTC about a tire maintenance plan that keeps your tires running their best. We can help you choose the tires that fit your needs. Contact our team to learn more.

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