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How Fleet Owners Can Avoid Fraudulent Accident Claims

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How Fleets can Avoid Fraudulent Accident Claims

Accidents can occur at any time on the road. Insurance fraud is a growing issue that is well recognized by fleet operators. But unfortunately, it’s also common for some criminals to make fraudulent accident claims. Can also be more common in certain geographical locations than others due to statutory variations that may allow exploitation. To help protect your vehicles and your business our experts for commercial truck tires explain how to avoid fraudulent accident claims, in this latest post.

Understanding the cause behind the problem

The leading cause behind the problem of fraudulent accident claims is the success levels fraudsters have achieved in past incidents. Staged incidents also often occur in states where there are no fault laws, such as Florida. In these states, insurance companies do not assign fault in dealing with claims. And as such your company could simply be out of luck if you cannot protect drivers against these claims.

Teach drivers about the various fraudulent accident scenarios

It’s important that you work with your drivers to identify situations having the potential for fraudulent accident claims. Make sure they understand the various potential scenarios that can lead to staged accident claims. For example, one common scenario is for the driver to suddenly swoop in front of your vehicle and then stop. During this time, another accomplice will pull up beside your truck to stop you from avoiding the accident. The two will then work together in telling police that you were responsible for the accident, even though there was little you could do in this scenario. Another scenario might involve another driver swerving into the lane deliberately to cause a minor accident during slow traffic. Drivers should also be aware of other vehicles braking suddenly in heavy traffic.

Dash cams are a potential solution

One of the best solutions many companies have found to reduce the potential risk of fraudulent collision claims is the installation of dash cams. These cameras can record your driving environment and highlight incidents that occur on a driver’s route. It’s a great way for companies to protect their rights under the law.

Our leading experts for commercial truck tires are here to help safeguard your fleet for the years ahead. To discover more about the services we offer, call us today at 610-954-8473.

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