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How Do You Know If Your Vehicle is Using the Right Commercial Truck Tires?

  • September 19, 2018
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Is your vehicle using the right commercial truck tires

Choosing commercial tires that suit your fleet’s performance needs can help your organization build efficiency in the long-term. Our experienced team at STTC is committed to helping you choose the right commercial truck tires for your fleet and ensuring the tires meet your performance requirements. And so within our latest post, we’ll explain how you can choose the right commercial truck tires.

What are directional tires?


Whether you’re choosing the latest BF Goodrich tires, Goodrich tires or the newest options from Michelin, it’s important you learn more about directional tires and the value they can provide. You can recognize directional commercial truck tires by the V-shaped pattern of the lateral grooves running around the tire. These lateral grooves form an arrow in the rolling direction the tire takes on the road.


The benefits of directional tires


There are many benefits directional tires can bring to your fleet. These benefits include:

High compatibility

One of the leading challenges facing fleet operators is a lack of compatible tire options. This can mean they’re using unsuitable commercial truck tires for their vehicles. Directional tires are a great option because they offer a higher level of compatibility

Improved grip and handling

Driving on wet surfaces can lead to long-standing safety and handling issues for fleet drivers. But directional tires are designed with superior grip and handling performance, ensuring that drivers remain safely in contact with the road.

Hydroplaning resistance

Hydroplaning is one of the most common dangers for truck drivers. Directional tires are designed to mitigate this danger and ensure trucks remain gripped to the road surface.


Tips for choosing quality tires


In choosing commercial truck tires, it’s important to work with experts in the industry to understand the options available and make choices based on your unique fleet demands. Our tips for choosing truck tires include:

  • Consider a range of options before making your final choice
  • Review retread options to reduce tire costs in the long-term
  • Review the brand’s longevity and performance before making a final decision

Our experienced team at STTC is here to help guide you in choosing quality commercial truck tires for your fleet. We have a full selection of options from the leading brands across the country and can match your vehicles to the best tire for your performance demands. Call us today to begin reviewing the options.