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How Can Truck Tire Retreading Maximize the Casing Value?

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Can Truck Tire Retreading Maximize the Casing Value

When it comes to fleet managers’ budgets, tire repair and maintenance are among the top concerns. Truck tire retreading programs are a great way to reduce the total cost of tire repair and maintenance needs for commercial fleets. However, the key to a successful retreading program is having a high-quality casing to start. While the initial cost of a new tire with a durable casing may push budget boundaries, the increased savings from improved truck tire retreading will far outweigh the price of your investment. In this post we will show you how can the retreading of truck tires maximize the value of the carcass

Can Truck Tire Retreading Maximize the Casing Value

Initial Casing Investment & Truck Tire Retreading


A retread tire is only as strong as its original casing. If you’re planning to start a truck tire retreading program for your fleet, you’ll need to invest new tires from brands that have shown their casings to be dependable candidates for the retreading process in the past. This makes retreading safer and more reliable: A stronger initial casing, through advanced belt packages, tight and uniform bead bundles, and hardier rubber compounds, will  increase the retreading cycles you’ll be able to achieve for your fleet’s tires.


So, spending more on your truck’s tires to begin with can save you money down the road on unnecessary downtime and premature blowouts. While brand-name casings will save you the hassle and cost of being turned down as retreading candidates, there are many other factors fleet managers need to consider when planning their commercial truck tire retreading program.


Proper Casing Maintenance for Truck Tire Retreading


In addition to investing in a proper set of commercial tires, fleets need to keep up with proper tire maintenance. It goes without saying that tire inflation and tire pressure should always be monitored before, during, and immediately following travel. Both drivers and fleet managers should get into the habit of routinely inspecting the following to ensure their casings are in good condition for the eventual retreading process:


  • Ensure all casings have similar wear pattern
  • Check tire tread depth to detect imbalances in wear and tear
  • Inspect for physical damage, such as tears, punctures, or holes
  • Keep tire pressure and inflation at optimal levels


According to experts, underinflating a tire by 20% can result in a 30% decrease to its total lifespan, and poor tire inflation is responsible for 90% of tire failures on the road today! By keeping your tires well-maintained through routine inspections or a preventative tire maintenance program, you can ensure your casings can meet the standards to be accepted as viable candidates for truck tire retreading.


STTC Truck Tire Retreading Program for Commercial Fleets


If you’re looking to reduce your tire budget and get the most out of your commercial tires, STTC has the truck tire retreading services you need to cut costs without sacrificing quality and safety. Our team has the skills and experience necessary to extend your tire lifespan and reuse your casings to help get the most out of your initial investment. Contact our team today to find out more about what our truck tire retreading program can do to help your commercial fleet!

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