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The Future of Autonomous Fleets: Tire Challenges and Solutions

The Future of Autonomous Fleets: Tire Challenges and Solutions

The future of autonomous fleets is no longer just science fiction. While we may not have flying cars like the Jetsons, AI commercial trucks are being tested in many markets. Your fleet may not be ready for self-driving vehicles, but you can use artificial intelligence and telematics to improve efficiency and productivity on the road. Learn more about commercial tire technology that can fit into your tire management program.

Tire Design 

Commercial tires are crafted from robust materials for durability, yet they won’t endure the entire lifespan of a truck. Modern tire designs, in line with advancements in the future of autonomous fleets, incorporate advanced materials, ensuring extended longevity without compromising comfort and boosting fuel efficiency. Some tires now feature a dual-layer construction, with an upper layer enhancing tire lifespan and a lower layer safeguarding the tire casing, facilitating tire retreading. This technological advancement has the potential to reduce your cost-per-mile for each tire.

Connected Tires for Enhancing The Future of Autonomous Fleets 

Fleet telematics have advanced with new technologies that give drivers and fleet managers real-time information about many different aspects of their vehicles, including commercial tires. Smart tires, also called connected tires, embed sensors into the tire that communicate information about each tire, such as pressure, tire wear, and temperature. This technology can alert drivers to tires that might be nearing the end of their life before a blowout actually occurs. Smart tires are a critical development for the future of autonomous fleets, because the tires are the only part of the vehicle that actually touch the road. This technology is still evolving. Fleet managers can use smart tires to determine when maintenance or replacement is required to prevent tire failure on the road.

STTC Can Help You Find New Solutions to Your Tire Problems 

Tire blowouts and other tire emergencies can shut operations down quickly. STTC can help your fleet with tire asset management using new technologies and telematics that give you real-time information about commercial tires to avoid some of the most common issues that affect your trucks.  

Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online for more information about smart commercial tires and what tire telematics can do for your fleet.


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