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Four Ways Your Tires Can Affect Your Fleet Operating Costs

With all costs of operating a trucking company going up, and fuel costs consistently volatile, fleet managers and drivers are consistently looking for ways to lower their costs. While often overlooked, a truck’s tires can have a major impact on their overall profitability. Properly managed and maintained, tires can reduce costs – but poor choices can lead to needless waste.

From buying the right new tires for the right application to saving money through tire retreading, there’s a lot you can do with your truck tires that will lower your overall operating costs.

Four Ways Your Tires Can Lower Operating Costs

1- Keeping tires properly inflated

This is such a commonplace maintenance issue, yet we constantly see both fleet managers and owner-operators who overlook it: Always keep your tires properly inflated. It doesn’t take very long to double-check inflation, and many modern trucks include tire pressure sensors. Tires which are properly inflated will have lower rolling resistance, higher fuel efficiency, will perform optimally, and wear more evenly.  All of these will reduce the need for replacements.

2- Proper treads

A tire with worn-out treads isn’t only at risk of experiencing a blowout on the road – it’s also costing you money. If the tires are continually worn down, you will eventually lose a casing (which can be viewed as an asset) that can be either retreaded or sold for a casing credit. Also, very low treads will reduce traction and braking ability.

3- Tire retreading

One of the more pernicious myths about tire retreading is that it will lower tire performance or fuel efficiency. This is simply not true. When you have a tire retreaded by a certified shop, the result is a tire which is at least as good -if not better- than it was originally. Retreads cost far less than new tires while delivering excellent, like new, on-road performance.  Also, some retreads are even SmartWay certified.

4- Choose tires based on position

This is where expert tire advice can come in handy. Not all tires are created equal, and some will be better at different roles – such as drive wheels, versus those beneath a trailer axle. Your rear wheels, in particular, should have tires suitable for typical loads you haul. Getting customized choices here, based on your individual driving and hauling patterns can pay off substantially over time.

STTC: Your Truck Tire Experts

Whether you need new tires or you’re looking to save money with cost-efficient tire retreading, STTC can make it happen. Visit any of our many convenient locations for top-tier assistance.


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