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Ford F-550 Wins Commercial Truck of the Year

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Ford F-550 Wins Commercial Truck of the Year

Work Truck Magazine recently published the Ford F-550 Wins Commercial Truck of the Year. Chosen from a list of 11 contenders, readers selected the F-550 for its unparalleled application effectiveness, durability, quality, servicing, maintenance, and lifecycle costs. As fleet managers seek to reduce overall costs for operations, updating their trucks can be one of the most effective ways to reduce commercial truck maintenance costs, improving their bottom line.

Ford F-550 Wins Commercial Truck of the Year

Better Trucks for Less Maintenance


Fleet managers recently named maintenance and repairs as the leading factors for increased operational costs. Specifically, unexpected breakdowns were among the highest cost factors for work truck fleet maintenance and repairs. For commercial truckers, unplanned repairs can come with many hidden costs that may not be immediately apparent, such as the following:


  • Driver downtime
  • Delivery delays
  • Product damage
  • Missed unload time window
  • Towing expenses
  • On time dispatch
  • Spare parts and technician labor costs


One-way fleet managers are working to lower costs for work truck fleet maintenance is by introducing better commercial trucks into their repertoire. While purchasing newer trucks for your fleet may be a high investment, the benefits of adding updated models to your commercial trucking business will far outweigh the initial cost.


Ford F-550 for Your Fleet


Since the Ford F-550 Wins Commercial Truck of the Year. The F-550 boasts a laundry list of impressive capabilities for its 2019 Chassis Cab that helps promote longer life cycles and reduced maintenance costs. Tough, large brakes are installed for sure stopping power when you need it most. The brakes are longer lasting for reduced replacement needs and associated costs.


The advanced fuel capabilities with the F-550 Super Duty Chassis also help cut costs on gasoline. The CNG/Propane package for this Ford model allows for bi-fueling capabilities, so engines are able to run on liquefied propane gas or unleaded gas. This enables better fuel efficiency for your fleet. The high-strength, aluminum alloy steel body frame also ensures a stronger, lighter, more capable truck for reduced work truck fleet maintenance needs.


STTC for Fleet Maintenance When You Need It


Choosing the F-550 for your next fleet upgrade is a great way to reduce work truck fleet maintenance costs for your commercial trucking business. When maintenance and repairs are unavoidable, however, you’ll need to partner with the right service provider for cost-effective service you can trust.


STTC provides nationwide roadside assistance services for fleet managers and their drivers. We also have asset tracking capabilities and can help you establish preventative maintenance schedules to ensure your fleet can handle the trip ahead with ease. Contact the team at STTC to find out more about how partnering with a professional service provider can help reduce your commercial truck maintenance costs.

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