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Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Truck Tires This Winter

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Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Truck Tires This Winter

Keeping your commercial truck tires safe is a top priority year-round, but is especially crucial during the winter months. Roughly 17% of all vehicle crashes happen during the winter, and it’s important for fleet managers to prepare for the change in weather by ensuring their commercial tires are optimized for seasonal safety.

To get your fleet prepared for the snow and ice ahead, follow the three tips below for a safer winter season:

Pre-Winter Truck Tire Inspection

Fleet managers should take care to perform a tire inspection on a regularly scheduled basis. However, extra measures should be taken ahead of the winter months to ensure your tires last through the season. In particular, ensure the tread depth of each tire is at least 4/32” for steer tires and 2/32” for other tires. The deeper your tires’ tread, the safer your drivers will be when on icy, snowy roads.

In addition to the tread depth, ensure your tires aren’t suffering from uneven wear and tear or have excessive punctures, tears, or other visible damage. Check the sidewalls and be sure that each tire is properly inflated. During colder weather, tire pressure will drop and increase the risk for a blowout. Every 10-degree drop in temperature will lower the pressure in your tires by 1 psi. Decrease your risk of a blowout by ensuring your tire pressure is at the optimal level before, during, and after each winter driving trip.

Commercial Truck Tire Rotation

To avoid uneven wear and tear and provide your tires with better long-term traction, be sure to have your commercial truck tires rotated ahead of the winter season. Doing this can also help reduce fuel costs for your fleet, especially when performed at regularly scheduled intervals. One way fleet managers can continue to reap the benefits of regularly scheduled tire rotations all year long is by partnering with a preventative tire maintenance provider.

Partner with STTC for Truck Tire Retreading

If, during the preventative tire maintenance discussed above tires are discovered that need to be replaced, fleet managers can prepare for the winter even better by choosing STTC’s top-rated truck tire retreading products and services. Our team uses the most advanced tools and techniques in truck tire retreading, resulting in the industry’s highest quality commercial tires.

Through our truck tire retreading practices, we provide fleet managers with safe, reliable winter tires to last them all season long. Discover what our truck tire retreading products and services can do to reduce safety risks and save money for your commercial trucking fleet by contacting STTC today!

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