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Emergency Roadside Assistance Beyond Tires

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Emergency Roadside Assistance

Did you know that nearly half of all emergency roadside assistance calls revolve around tires? That’s a big deal for drivers and fleet bosses. But here’s the kicker – a ton of these calls aren’t just about tires; they involve other mechanical headaches too. So, when picking your fleet’s emergency roadside assistance, go for a plan that’s more than just tires. With STTC, you’re not just getting help with blowouts. We’re your go-to team for fixing brakes, tire retreading, truck TLC, and keeping tabs on your tire assets under our comprehensive emergency roadside assistance program. We’ve got your back, no matter what the road throws your way.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance and Mobile Tire Service

STTC ensures peace of mind for commercial fleet owners and operators. Imagine having a reliable lifeline just a call away for all your tire or truck mechanical issues. Our 24/7 roadside assistance, even on holidays, is designed to keep your fleet rolling.

Whether your drivers prefer a simple hotline call or the convenience of our user-friendly mobile app for emergency roadside assistance, we’ve got you covered. With the app, drivers and fleet managers can easily track service requests for emergency roadside assistance, providing transparency and control over the entire process.

Our commitment is clear: we aim to have your truck back on the road within two hours of your call. Of course, the actual time may vary based on the issue, but our dedicated team is always ready to minimize downtime and keep your business moving forward. Trust STTC for prompt and efficient solutions to keep your fleet running smoothly.

Emergency Roadside Assistance for Mechanical Issues in Commercial Trucks

Keep your commercial fleet rolling smoothly with STTC’s Road Assist, a comprehensive emergency roadside assistance service! Commercial trucks log extensive miles every week, making breakdowns a common concern. With our emergency roadside assistance, you don’t need to worry – our dedicated team is ready to leap into action when your truck requires service in the field.

STTC offers a comprehensive solution with new tires, top-notch tire retreading, and reliable truck service and maintenance. We get it – time off the road means money lost. That’s why we prioritize getting your truck back in action swiftly.

Our national network ensures that, no matter where your truck faces issues, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the convenience of specialized pricing and hassle-free payment options through your account. Keep your fleet moving forward with STTC – because downtime is not an option!

Trailer Maintenance and Repairs

Our mobile vehicles are equipped to service your trailer needs to reduce downtime. We have a trailer inspection process based on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, reducing DOT violations as well as increasing safety. STTC’s Road Assist goes beyond tire service.

Tire Retreading Services within Emergency Roadside Assistance

Tires are probably your biggest expense besides fuel, and our emergency roadside assistance program includes comprehensive tire services, from maintenance to buying new tires. Our team helps you achieve better tire mileage through a wide range of services, including custom-fit tires and tire retreading, which are key components of our emergency roadside assistance. Retread tires have saved the commercial truck industry over $2 billion annually, not to mention the environmental benefits of reusing the casings. Our tire retreads work with almost any commercial vehicle, from tractor trailers, dump trucks, buses, box trucks, and fire trucks, ensuring your fleet is always supported by our emergency roadside assistance.

Tire Maintenance Reduces Reliance on Emergency Assistance

Boost your fleet’s performance and cut downtime with our proactive tire maintenance solutions, which are a crucial part of our emergency roadside assistance services. Stay ahead of issues, minimize breakdowns, and maximize efficiency for each truck in your fleet. Our emergency roadside assistance includes certified specialists in the mechanical division who offer convenient drive-in and mobile vehicle maintenance, ensuring your vehicles receive top-notch service with high-quality parts and equipment. Count on quick and accurate repairs across our network as part of our comprehensive emergency roadside assistance. STTC specializes in servicing all types of commercial vehicles, including long-haul trucks, delivery vehicles, earthmovers, and more. Drive with confidence – choose STTC for reliable and efficient fleet maintenance and emergency roadside assistance.

Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to learn more about our roadside assistance, tire retreading, and tire asset program.

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