Service Tire Truck Centers (STTC) announces the production of the 1st officially approved MRT tweel retread. STTC is the first and only Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT) dealer to utilize the MRT process and Michelin produced rubber to manufacture Tweel retreads. This is the only approved Tweel retread that meets the high quality standards set by MRT since the tread designs and compounds are the same as those produced for the new Tweel product lines. The Tweel personnel at MRT have been working for over a year designing the retread to insure that the finished product is of the highest quality. The MRT project group worked closely with STTC’s Bethlehem retread plant last week to insure our technicians are properly trained to produce quality Tweel retreads.

“STTC is very excited to have worked with MRT to bring this approved Tweel retread to market. We believe customers will find value in being able to increase their return on investment on their Tweel cores by being able to find a quality retread that increases the core’s lifespan. This retread is another of the vast suite of products and services STTC brings to market that differentiates us from our competition” – Walt Dealtrey, CEO/President

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