No matter what conditions you’re working under, STTC can help you ensure maximum equipment uptime. From soft sand to solid rock, from small transport machinery to giant construction vehicles, STTC has what it takes to maximize your cost per hour/ton with today’s highest-quality retreads, world-class new tires, and 24/7/365 service.



Surface mining. Underground mining. Quarry work. They all need outstanding tire traction, protection, and performance—they all need the power of STTC. Whether you’re working with dozers, graders, loaders, dumpers, or other heavy-duty equipment, STTC can help you keep your costs down and your productivity up.



Whether your application involves forklifts, terminal tractors, straddle carriers, reach stackers, container handlers, or ground support equipment, STTC offers a long list of solutions designed to enhance your material handling productivity. Reduce downtime, increase safety, and optimize workflow with the highest-quality retreads, the most respected names in new tires, and the most responsive service in the industry.



Waste transport and management demands around-the-clock tire reliability—STTC specializes in refuse vehicles of all sizes. From the world’s finest retreads and new tires to everyday troubleshooting, STTC helps refuse fleets around the country improve the way they operate—and the way they manage tire costs.




Increase uptime and improve profitability with tires and services designed specifically for today’s most demanding industrial tire applications. Forklifts, transport equipment, logging vehicles—they all carry heavy-duty loads, and they all rely on heavy-duty tires to get the job done right.




No matter what type of mobile crane you’re working with—rough-terrain, all-terrain, or truck-mounted—STTC has a solution that will exceed your every demand. The industry’s top retreads and new tires provide the footing needed to ensure exceptional traction in any soil condition, from sand and mud to hard-pack and rock.

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