Service Tire Truck Centers is committed to providing a safe working environment for not only our own personnel, but also for everyone involved in our industry. STTC believes that an educated and trained service team results in higher productivity. Because of this, we employ three T.I.A. (Tire Industry Association) certified instructors, who train our entire Earthmover Service Department. Each member of our Earthmover Team must complete STTC designed training focused on tire safety and management, the TIA Training and Certificate program, the MSHA Surface & Underground Mine Site Certification, and other manufacture-specific classes. Our team also participates with supplier compliance companies, such as Browz, PICS and ISNetworld, and is OSHA compliant.STTC also partners with world-class tire manufacturers to offer accredited courses to not only the Earthmover Service Team, but also our customers. We believe that educating our customers helps give on-site personnel the ability to recognize tire issues before they cause a delay or expense to the operation. Our dedication to safety and training helps us better manage customers’ tire needs leading to higher productivity and better operating costs.