STTC relies on today’s most advanced retreading process to deliver premium-grade earthmover retreads. All STTC retreads are certified and warrantied.STTC utilizes Polar Rubber for its earthmover retreading.

Initial Inspection

Each tire is hand-inspected to ensure that it meets STTC’s high retreading standards.


Buffing removes the old tread design, then trues the tire with utmost precision.


Any damaged tire areas are removed, allowing for the proper adhesion of new rubber.


The cementing process provides a tacking surface for the new rubber.


Plugging provides a uniform surface with which to apply the retread.


Computerized building ensures precise radius, diameter, and tread depth specifications.


The new tread is embedded into the tire and the tire is cured from the outside in.

Trimming & Painting

Any excess rubber is removed to create a clean, smooth finish and the tire is freshly painted.

Final Inspection

Each tire undergoes a rigorous final inspection. Only first-class retreads are shipped to our customers.