If flat tires are costing you time and money, earthmover flatproofing can help. Pumped into the tire through the valve stem, a liquid polyurethane polymer replaces all of the air in the tire and cures into a resilient, synthetic rubber core that completely eliminates faults. It works in any sound casing and adverse weather. To ensure that your equipment keeps running, STTC uses the highest-quality Foam-Fill from Arnco.

TyrFil from Arnco

  • Tire is completely flatproof
  • No tipovers due to sudden flats
  • Better ballast for steep hillsides or overload conditions
  • Longer tread life than the same tire filled with air
  • Better productivity—no lost wages due to downtime
  • No more tire repair costs
  • Once the tread is worn off, the casing can be retreaded
Foam-Fill is not for every application.