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The Driving Habits that Can Extend the Life of Commercial Truck Tires

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Extend the life of commercial truck tires

Driving Habits that Can Extend the Life of Commercial Truck Tires

Commercial truck tires are only able to perform as long as the vehicle owner maintains them effectively. And so it’s important to understand how to extend tire life and performance. Our team has significant experience in this area, and in this latest post, we explain more about how to extend the life of commercial truck tires.

Rotate the tires regularly

One simple way to keep tires in top condition for the years ahead is to rotate tires regularly. The rotating process ensures that tires wear evenly across all sides. We know that front tires wear more quickly on the shoulders and rear tires wear quicker in the middle. Rotating tires so the pressure is away from these areas can help keep them in optimal condition.

Offer clear guidance regarding maintenance issues

It’s important that your team knows how to respond should they experience maintenance issues while on the road. Do they try to repair the tire themselves or do they wait for assistance from a specialist within the company? Make sure that teams are trained for all maintenance challenges and that any work they complete on the tire will be completed to the highest of standards.

Monitor inflation carefully

Proper tire inflation is essential to the safe operation of the vehicle. We also know that tires that are underinflated wear more quickly on the tire shoulders, while an overinflated tire will wear quickly in the middle. Making sure that each tire is inflated according to its specifications can help minimize blowouts and other maintenance challenges in the miles ahead.

Purchase quality products

All the maintenance recommended by industry professionals isn’t going to have a significant impact on your operations if you don’t begin by purchasing quality commercial truck tires for your vehicle. Make sure you take the time to buy the right tires for the various vehicle applications within your fleet and speak with several manufacturers and suppliers about the options available.

Complete comprehensive visual inspections

The team working with your commercial vehicles should have significant experience completing visual inspections of the truck tires. Make sure that the company has a dedicated process each driver must go through before they set out on the road. This can ensure that tire problems such as under-inflation and non-alignment can be resolved within the shortest possible timeframe.

Our trusted team at STTC has many years’ experience providing clients across the marketplace with the highest quality commercial truck tires for their vehicles. To discover more about how to take care of truck tires for the long-term, call our team today.

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