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endurance rsa

Goodyear Endurance RSA Tire

More miles to removal and toughness for regional and urban applications

Choose the new Goodyear Endurance RSA to help your fleets reduce their cost per mile and maximize productivity on the job. This GHG-compliant tire features an innovative tread compound for enhanced fuel efficiency and scrub resistance. Ideal for highway and city driving, the Endurance RSA offers significant advantages in wear, rolling resistance and curb impact resistance.

  • INTELLIMAX RIB TECHNOLOGY helps provide a stiffer tread for high mileage and even wear (22.5″ and 24.5″ sizes).
  • SPECIAL TREAD BLOCK GEOMETRY offers increased traction and quick braking while driving on wet or snow-covered roads.
  • INNOVATIVE TREAD COMPOUND helps provide enhanced fuel efficiency and high scrub resistance.
  • GREENHOUSE GAS (GHG) COMPLIANCY helps fleets meet environmental requirements.

Position: Steer
Application: Regional Haul