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Goodyear Endurance LHD

Goodyear Endurance LHD Tire

A smartway ® verified, tough long haul drive tire that offers high miles to removal

With an innovative tread compound, the Goodyear® Endurance LHD offers advanced toughness while promoting low rolling resistance — for a balance of long miles and fuel efficiency. Its unique combination of features can go a long way toward helping fleets get ahead.

  • NEW cap base tread combination helps promote longer miles to removal and lower rolling resistance.
  • NEW sidewall compound helps lower rolling resistance and promotes fuel efficiency.
  • Tredlock® Technology helps to stabilize tread area for longer miles to removal and resistance to irregular wear.
  • Steel belt package helps provide enhanced casing toughness and durability.
  • Shoulder wedge developed to help stabilize belt package and improve longevity.

Position: Drive
Application: Long Haul