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Work Series RHA

Work Series Regional Haul All-Position (RHA)

The Cooper® WORK Series™ RHA gives your regional fleet a premium 22.5/32nds deep, four rib tread design all position tire that provides you the wide footprint needed to maximize traction. The tapered grooves and stone ejectors are designed to resist stone drilling – a casing’s worst enemy. The sidewall features curb guard protection for those tight turns in town. This low cost of ownership tire is all about savings including a casing designed and warranted for multiple retreads and a full replacement value warranty for the first 50% of treadwear.


SmartWay Verified
Wide footprint to maximize wear
Stone ejectors to preserve casing
Specialized compound to reduce effects of scrubbing
Robust 4-rib design

Position: Steer
Application: Regional Haul