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Commercial Truck Tires Trends and Thoughts to Watch For My Fleet

  • January 18, 2023
  • Commercial Truck Tires ,

It’s always encouraging to see innovations in the industry. Many of the best products making their way into the commercial trucking industry are about enhancing value. Making your tires last longer while keeping costs in line with your budget is welcome news for every fleet. Mobile tire service is no longer a trend, but a necessity for commercial trucks who want to keep trucks on schedule when breakdowns occur. Here are some trends we’re watching.

Commercial Truck Tires Trends and Thoughts to Watch For My Fleet

Smart Tires 

In 2018, Bridgestone started providing a service called Tirematics, which allowed fleets to manage tire pressures and temperatures with sensors on the wheels. Unfortunately, the system can’t monitor each individual tire. Today, Bridgestone is expanding its technology to include RFID tags on each specific tire to maximize the lifespan of tires by monitoring each tire and recommending maintenance to prevent downtime. Goodyear is also using technology to monitor tires and identify critical issues. The tire intelligence field is growing. We should see more products on the market that help fleet owners and drivers monitor the health of their truck. 



Sustainability is on-trend in every industry, not just commercial trucking. Regulations to reduce greenhouse gases are just one factor in the push to make tires more eco-friendly. Many manufacturers are working to replace petroleum-derived oils with more sustainable options, such as soybean oil. Retreading technology continues to grow, making retread tires safer and more economical for today’s roads. 


Innovations in Tires for EVs 

Electric vehicles are increasingly making their way into commercial fleets. Developing tires that can handle the weight of the cargo while still matching the manufacturer’s specifications hasn’t been easy for commercial vehicles. EVs rely on rolling resistance (RR) to get good mileage, but tires play an important role in achieving the lowest RR between charges. Balancing all the needs of tires for safety, performance, fuel efficiency and other characteristics is in development to bring more options to the market. 


Expanding Autonomous Vehicles on the Road

Currently, 18 states are allowing commercial autonomous vehicles to be tested. Although there have been many concerns about driverless vehicles, we’re already seeing some Class 8 vehicles (vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 33,001 pounds or more) out on the roads. Tire design for these vehicles is driving many of the innovations in smart-sensing tires. Air-free commercial truck tires are being studied. Once these tires make their appearance on driverless trucks, it opens the door to more applications. 


Specialty Tires for All Types of Environments 

Tires have evolved over the past few decades and will continue to progress to match the needs of the industry. All fleet operators are looking for tires that last longer while reducing noise and improving performance on the road under different conditions. Tires are being refined to handle different types of driving, from long-hauls over the interstate to last-mile delivery. Tire sizes are being developed for every size vehicle, giving customers more options to meet regulations and performance characteristics. 


STTC Tire Experts Stay on Top of the Industry 

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