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Our Commercial Truck Tires Experts Highlight the State of the Industry

Latests stats inthe trucking industry

If you’re considering entering the trucking industry, whether as a driver or an operator, it’s important to know more about the industry and the changes ahead. Our team at STTC has significant experience in the industry, and we’re known as experts on commercial truck tires and tire systems. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the latest trends in the trucking marketplace, and review what these stats mean for the future.

Trucking salaries on the rise

The latest data shows that trucking salaries are on the rise across the country. The average salary is $40,000 in the United States, with over 3.5 million drivers currently operating in the marketplace. One of the great benefits for new drivers is an increase in base salary. There are now many openings for drivers in companies around the country, and this means that base salaries and signing bonuses are growing incrementally each month.

Significant growth in tonnage

Another growing area of the industry is the amount of tonnage being transported. 10 billion tons of freight is now being transported across the U.S. each year. New supply chains have created a need for new drivers and new vehicles on the road. Companies are now transporting more goods than ever before as the cost to transport freight is falling. In addition, the digital marketplace and its focus on fast-turnaround ordering and speedy delivery have helped increase the demand for trucking around the country.

New fulfillment centers

Another significant development in the industry in recent years has been the growth in the number of fulfillment centers across the country. Digital market leaders such as Amazon now utilize huge, strategically located, fulfillment centers to ensure deliveries are made on time and that orders are organized effectively through one central management system. This has increased the demand for “last mile” delivery operations.

A Driver Shortage

One common problem for many companies within the industry is a driver shortage. They are now offering drivers higher salaries and a number of other benefits to persuade them to take jobs within their companies. Another issue is that many drivers working in the current marketplace are over the age of 52. And this means that companies will likely begin to experience mass retirements that will only increase the problems associated with an existing driver shortage.

If you’re interested in working in the exciting trucking industry, it’s important to consult with a specialist such as STTC and learn more about commercial truck tires and other elements of the marketplace. Our team is continually welcoming new members as we grow as our organization. To discover more about STTC and the full range of services and commercial truck tires that we offer our clients across the region, contact us today.


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