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How Commercial Truck Tire Technology Is Changing the Industry

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How Commercial Truck Tire Technology Is Changing the Industry

From the earliest stone or wooden wheels with performance issues to the modern era, tire technology has come a long way, particularly for commercial trucks. Today’s commercial truck tire technology is constantly evolving, resulting in longer-lasting and better-performing tires. Explore some of the most recent advancements and innovations in commercial truck tire technology.

Smart Tires

Nearly every industry utilizes big data for progress, and commercial truck tire technology is no exception. Recently, Bridgestone announced its plan to manufacture radio-tagged tires that transmit data to the cloud, optimizing tire lifespan. While many fleets already employ their Tirematics service for tire pressure and temperature data, this new solution will monitor individual tires. These radio-tagged tires enable operators to harness specific tire data, maximizing the performance of each asset.

Innovative Retread Technology

Retread technology is continuously improving, producing safer and more eco-friendly commercial truck tires. Retread tires repurpose casings from worn tires, making them a cost-effective alternative to new tires. Modern retreads are utilized on various commercial vehicles, including military transports, ambulances, buses, and delivery vehicles. Automated retreading processes ensure uniformity, allowing for quality testing before installation. Today’s commercial truck tire technology for retreads focuses on maximum efficiency and safety, offering customized tread patterns and sidewall designs to enhance stability and performance tailored to specific driving conditions.

Self-Inflating Tires

Tire pressure is one of the key elements to tire maintenance. Newer systems are designed to keep tires properly inflated, which reduces wear and tear on the tire and increases fuel efficiency. Some of these tires combine the technology with other sensing technology to identify when tires get overheated or are damaged. Another technology that is coming to the market is run-flat tire technology. If a tire is punctured or loses air for another reason, the vehicle can still run for about 50 miles at 50 mph to reach a safe place for repairs.

STTC Has Solutions to a Myriad Tire Problems

The pandemic presented numerous obstacles to the commercial vehicle industry. However, commercial truck tire technology is evolving to create longer-lasting and eco-friendlier tires. Rising tire prices have impacted fleet profitability, but advanced technologies offer viable solutions. STTC’s tire management program combines tire maintenance, retreading, and driver education to extend tire life and minimize cost per mile. We collaborate with you to identify strategies for reducing tire expenses while harnessing the latest in commercial truck tire technology.

Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to discuss how we can help your fleet be more efficient with your commercial tires.

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